Coming Home Project

To support and encourage traditional Pueblo potters through arts instruction, collections reviews, workshops, convocation, studio visits, and exhibitions. The project is to support Poeh Arts pottery class instruction as well as helping in the re-design and re-orientation of Pueblo pottery art instruction.

Community Collection Reviews

The Poeh in partnership with the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian are bringing Tewa Pueblo potters and cultural advisors to the Cultural Resource Center just outside Washington DC. Each visit helps to develop a long term loan of 100 historic Tewa Pueblo pottery to be exhibited at the Poeh Cultural Center in Pojoaque, New Mexico.

Classroom Instruction

Weekly classes include field trips for gathering of clay and paints, as well as potting and firing. Guest instructors will help in Classrooms and workshops. Scheduled and impromptu studio visits are intended to ensure the project’s connection with traditional teaching methods and Native languages and culture. After completion of the grant, continue Poeh Arts pottery classes with added abilities from grant.

Shawn Tafoya – Pueblo pottery

Michael Brancroft – Micaceous Pottery

People’s Pottery Exhibition

The Poeh Cultural Center and Tewa Pueblo community members exhibit the homecoming of nine historic pots from the Smithsonian Institute’s National Museum of the American Indian collection in Washington DC. The exhibit forms part of a larger project working to restore Tewa Pueblo cultural history from collections around the country.