Di Wae Powa


For more than 100 years Tewa Pueblo ancestral pottery has been collected, shipped away and housed on the east coast, largely in private collections and the renowned Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI).

Several years ago, the Poeh Cultural Center began talks with NMAI, in a concerted effort to bring these pots “home.” Along the way, many Tewa Pueblo artists, elders and community members worked tirelessly to help bring this homecoming to fruition.

It’s time to celebrate this achievement. In fall 2019, after a century-long and epic journey, this sacred ancestral pottery will be reunited with the descendants of the creators, to be housed and displayed at the acclaimed Poeh Cultural Center.

“It’s bringing the ancestors home. It’s very spiritual for me because they’re my great grandparents, my great aunties, my great uncles that are being brought back – very important because it’s our culture, it’s our spirit, it’s our wholeness and it’s our heart” – Evonne Martinez (San Ildefonso Pueblo)