Tewa Coloring Book

We hope to inspire a new generation of Tewa Pueblo artists with this children’s coloring book illustrated by local Tewa artists. Please follow the link and print your copies for your children. This coloring book was sponsored by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian Community Loans program in partnership with the Di Wae Powa: They Came Back project.

Big thanks to all the talented artists! Ashley Lynn Browning, Leah Lewis, Natanni Mirabal, Claver D. Garcia, Laurie Ann Romero, Cecilio Martinez, Evonne Martinez, Elvis Torres, Jason Garcia, Michelle Tsosie Sisneros, Virgil Vigil, Wesly Vigil, Sofia R. Lovato, Forest Titla, Eliza Naranjo Morse, Simone A. Catanach and the late Ramos Sanchez.