Your Generosity Will Make a Difference

  • Bringing Collections Home

    The Poeh is working to develop new museum practices in shared stewardship and ethical returns for our cultural materials located elsewhere in the country and across the globe.

  • Pojoaque Youth Hoop Dancers

    Here at the Pueblo of Pojoaque, a number of tribal youth train in Hoop Dancing to teach cultural and wellness values. Tribal youth perform at public events and fundraise to travel to Phoenix, Arizona to compete at the World Championship Hoop Dance Contest.

  • Fight the Virus Campaign

    Past programming included the Fight the Virus Campaign. This community health awareness campaign featured messages, information, and resources. Programming included Mental Health Mondays, Wellness Wednesdays, and Face Mask Fridays. We also were able to fundraise for Emergency Artist Relief Grants and Free Artist Mask Distributions. Campaign Page Here.

  • Tewa Learning Center

    At capacity, the Poeh Museum Collections and Archives require a larger facility to continue the collecting, recording, and home for Pueblo material culture and knowledge. A new facility will enable larger space for community programming with the Museum collections and tribal archives.

  • Native Artist Support

    Pathways Indigenous Arts Festival and Pathways Winter Market were both created to give an accessible, affordable, and community-based program to Native artists. Both markets have quickly grown to become some of the largest Native arts markets in the country.

  • Pueblo Arts Classes

    Poeh Arts has been teaching Traditional Pueblo arts for over 35 years. Each seasonal semester teaches over 80 students in Pueblo pottery, weaving, embroidery, moccasin making, sewing, jewelry, and more.

Your gift will have an impact on the cultural sustainability of Tewa pueblo people by preserving pueblo culture, teaching traditional Native American arts and educating the public at large. Please contact us with any questions.


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Our community programming relies on support from the public, community, and partners. Please consider becoming our partner in sponsoring any of our events, programs, or organizations.

Sponsorship Statement

The Poeh Cultural Center is steadfast in its commitment to cultural preservation, environmental stewardship, and ethical integrity.

Our sponsorship endeavors are driven by a shared commitment to foster cultural heritage and to nurture environmental sustainability, in adherence with ethical values.

We seek partnerships with organizations who share these principles, through initiatives that support endeavors to celebrate Pueblo culture, promote ecological responsibility, and champion ethical conduct.

Our aim is to build meaningful relationships with sponsors who align with these core values, ensuring a harmonious collaboration that contributes positively to our community, environment, and cultural legacy.

Please contact our Executive Director with any questions.

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