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March 31, 2023 @ 5:00 pm 7:00 pm

The Poeh Cultural Center Announces EQUINOX, a Two-Person Exhibition by Pearl Talachy and Cree LaRance

March 31 – June 30, 2023

PUEBLO OF POJOAQUE, N.M., MARCH 20, 2023 — The Poeh Cultural Center is pleased to announce EQUINOX, a two-person exhibition featuring the pottery and textiles of Pearl Talachy (Nambe Pueblo) and the jewelry of Cree LaRance (Tewa/Hopi/Navajo). Much like an equinox marks a key celestial juncture when night and day are roughly equal in length, this exhibition marks a critical moment in their art careers as they share one thing in common: this is their first exhibition.

Many Indigenous artists make a living without ever seeing their work on gallery or museum walls. Talachy and LaRance are great examples of artists who have taken control of where their works are shown or sold by exclusively showing their work at various art markets.

For Talachy, the red and black clay vessels represent the beauty of mother earth as she transforms and shapes the clay by intuition.

“The pottery is all traditional clay. Digging for the clay, cleaning it, and making the mixture just right is traditional. My pots sometimes tell me what they want to be,” says Pearl Talachy. “Sometimes I can make a pot with my ideas, and sometimes the ideas are the pots.”

Inspired by his tribal heritage, LaRance has developed a style oscillating between traditional and contemporary jewelry. In his early 20s, he decided to pursue silversmithing full-time.

“The main style I was taught was tufa casting,” said LaRance. “Both of my parents are jewelers. I’ve been doing jewelry since I was a kid. Over the past ten years, I’ve tried several techniques like wax casting, stamping, and fabrication. Each piece is about experimenting. I may have this great idea for one piece, then I’ll make a mistake, or it won’t come out exactly like I wanted, but I’ll work with it. To me, this will be my legacy.”

Both Talachy and LaRance are students of the Poeh Traditional Native American Arts Class programs.

Pearl Talachy is a traditional Nambe Pueblo potter living in Nambe Pueblo and she has been an artist for nearly 50 years. Coming from a family of artists, Talachy is adamant about passing down traditional Pueblo arts knowledge to her eight grandkids and future generations.

Cree LaRance comes from a family of silversmiths. In 2021, he received the MIAC Goodman Fellowship. He has participated in various art markets across the United States.

EQUINOX opens March 31, 2023, at 10 a.m. at the Poeh Cultural Center.