Our Path: Our Mission

A gathering place for the respectful sustaining of Tewa traditions through being, doing and sharing.


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Like all Tewa Pueblos of Northern New Mexico, The Pueblo of Pojoaque (Po’su wae geh) was systematically stripped of its heritage, culture and traditions by European contact in the sixteenth century. The Pueblo of Pojoaque is revitalizing their traditions in part through the efforts of the Center’s mission to teach their native language, traditional song and dance, and material culture.

Since its inception, the Center’s mission has been to Support the future of Pueblo people by: Teaching the arts, Collecting great works of art, and Promoting public under-standing of, and respect for, Pueblo history and culture.

Here, at the Poeh, old rhythms of life and ways of making beauty are still important. People bring beauty to the world on a pathway of being, doing and sharing called the Poeh. In the Tewa Pueblo language Poeh translates to “path” and the Poeh Cultural Center embodies that pathway, the essence of what it means to be a Tewa person – to be Pueblo.

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