August 18 – October 30, 2004

The direct result of the burgeoning economic development occurring at the Pueblo of Pojoaque is the current highway improvements along US 84/285.  Despite the hassles experienced by commuters, the Poeh Cultural Center and Museum uses this as an opportunity to attract visitors to its facility to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the road construction.

The Poeh Cultural Center and Museum has also experienced phenomenal growth of its facilities with galleries that feature juried exhibitions of exceptional high quality, collectible art from renowned American Indian artists.  With completion of museum construction in 2005, the Poeh Center will be both a resource place for Pueblo tradition and the premier example of Pueblo art and architecture.  Therefore, “construction of the path” continues with the guidance of instructors who are committed to the success of both Poeh Center and its students and who share similar goals of learning and preserving Pueblo arts and culture.

Since opening in 1991, the Poeh Museum has been “Constructing the Path” towards realizing its goals of housing and exhibiting contemporary arts and crafts by artists of the Northern Pueblos, to facilitate the education of Indian people and the public-at-large, and to preserve Pueblo culture.  The completion of the Rotating Gallery was a major step in this process and provides a venue for public exhibitions.  The inaugural exhibition featured world renowned clay sculptor, Ms. Roxanne Swentzell of the Pueblo of Santa Clara.

In highlighting this excellent artistic talent, the Poeh Museum proudly presents former and current instructors of the Poeh Arts Program.  These individuals are the “construction supervisors,” directly responsible for nurturing and sustaining the educational goals of the Poeh Center, which is to support the future of Pueblo people by teaching the arts.  These instructors share their knowledge, guide students in learning longstanding traditional Pueblo culture and artistic techniques, and lead students on our path or Nah Poeh Meng.

The Poeh Cultural Center and Museum invites you to experience this exceptional growth and vitality by following the path to our beautiful facility located at the Pueblo of Pojoaque.