August 21 -through November 22, 2008 

Formed in 2000, the men and women that comprise the Indigenous Sculptors Society are dedicated to the advancement of stone sculpture through education, promotion, and ethics from the Native American
perspective. The ISS sponsors annual symposia to encourage Native American artists to engage in stone carving and sculptural practices and techniques with the overall emphasis on community and gathering together.

The ISS are constantly striving to learn and develop new techniques and ideas to use in their sculpture. Their sculpture blends figurative approaches with more form and design styles. Their thematic work is related to Native American culture and livelihood and reflects their cultural and spiritual drive, moods, beliefs, and their environment.

Tribal mythology, culture, and the direct experiences of life are inspirations that these artists draw upon for their creativity. The artists feel that the honesty and purity of the stone permits them to express themselves from their hearts and to express the spirit that Native people respect and revere. Their work shows pride in their culture and a deep understanding of the inherent spirituality of their ancestors. They find strength, faith, and dignity through their heritage as well as in other cultures and derive inspiration and motivation from them as well. Everything they do is done from the spirit to the mind then to their hands. The harmony achieved in their work and in their lives comes through magnificently in their art!