An Exhibition of works by the Pueblo of Pojoaque Learning Center
April 18 – July 12, 2008

The Pueblo of Pojoaque Family Learning Center was established in 2006 with support from the Pueblo of Pojoaque, Poeh Arts, and Chamiza Foundation of Santa Fe. Founder, Francine Maestas, was inclined to follow her motherly instincts and her heart, by providing a venue for Pueblo of Pojoaque families to come together and share in both the creative process and “quality time.” Thus, began a journey of sharing centuries old techniques in traditional art and craft making, which has enabled families to explore vital aspects of their Tewa culture and native heritage. They have discovered their talents and a sense of honor for their culture and heritage. The practice of passing traditional knowledge from generation to generation has been revitalized. Intergenerational teaching and learning is a tool that has been used to preserve all aspects of Pueblo culture and heritage for future generations. Ceremonies, dance, and prayer are of great importance and the making of beautiful accouterments and regalia are part of the philosophies/rituals that our ancestors utilized to live in harmony with the elements.  Respect for what we learn and share will enable us to bring back traditions that were once lost.  The future lies in our ability to learn, teach, and share in order to continue and honor our native existence.