Pojoaque Farmers Market

Pojoaque’s Farmers Market

The Pojoaque Farmers Market will start its Summer Season at the Poeh Cultural Center on Wednesday, May 3rd, from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.

The Farmers Market offers local farmers, artists, and entrepreneurs opportunities to the Pueblo of Pojoaque and surrounding area. This helps promote farms and sustainable agriculture. Visitors to the market can also enjoy afternoon live musical and dance group performances every week.

Interested farmers, artists, entrepreneurs, or musicians who would like to participate, please get in touch with Jazlyn Sanchez at (505) 455-3533 or jasanchez@pojoaque.org

Weekly Events & Activities

We maintain a busy schedule of weekly events and activities.  Information can be found on our Instagram account: @PojoaqueFarmersMarket. All summer events will be held at the Poeh Cultural Center unless otherwise noted.

Music Performances take place near the sculpture studios

Traditional Pueblo Dance Performances will take place in the courtyard area

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Join Our Market

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor at the Pojoaque Farmers Market located at the Poeh Cultural Center!  At the Pojoaque Farmers Market, we accept farmers and ranchers, food artisans and arts & craft vendors..

To apply to become a farmer, rancher, food artisan and arts & crafts vendor at the Pojoaqe Farmers Market, the process is as follows:

  1. Visit the Pojoaque Farmers Market in person and get to know the space, the staff and the culture.
  2. Interested farmers, artists, entrepreneurs, or musicians who would like to participate, please get in touch with Jazlyn Sanchez at (505) 455-3533 or jasanchez@pojoaque.org
  3. Have fun! You’ll meet a diverse set of new customers as the Pojoaque Farmers Market is well attended.

Note: The $10 non-refundable fee may be paid over the phone at 505-455-5041.


Vendors will provide a quality food product and be staffed by clean, professional and courteous personnel.

The vendor will provide all equipment necessary to run the booth. The vendor shall be solely responsible at its own expense for installing and dismantling its own materials and equipment.

The assigned site must be returned to its pre-event condition (e.g. no spillages of grease, etc.).

The vendor must be self-sufficient and prepared for all weather conditions. As vendors will be located outside, weather conditions must be taken into consideration.

All vendors MUST have a working fire extinguisher on site if working with open flame.

*Not currently accepting applications for:

  • Meat Products
  • CBD products
  • Wineries

We look forward to seeing y’all!


May – November

• 9 am – 2 pm at the Poeh Cultural Center

November – April

• 9 am – 2 pm indoors at the Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino

There are two ATMs located near by. Directly across the street are a Wells Fargo and the Pojoaque Supermarket. Both locations have ATMs.

Vendors reserve the right to decline photographs or video of their products. All commercial photography/video MUST be cleared with the Pueblo of Pojoaque. Photography is allowed on the Poeh Cultural Center grounds, but please be considerate as there are areas of the Pueblo that prohibit photography, sketching or audio recording.

We request that you tag the Poeh Cultural Center on social media and use the #PojoaqueFarmersMarket in your post.

The Poeh Cultural Center welcomes non-profit booths.

Interested musicians can contact Jazlyn Sanchez at jasanchez@pojoaque.org. Musicians typically play for an hour or two, usually during lunch time. The Poeh Cultural Center provides a PA system.

The arbors come equipped with electrical outlets for easy access.