Poeh Education – Doing, Being, Sharing, Laughing

Coming SOON…a Poeh Artists FaceBook NEWSLETTER …. a page of celebration, news and sharing of the Poeh Artists and their endeavors.

Wowatsi Háà Sigikang sekaneh ang nambi poeh ging muu. Handidang ivi t’o maá; handidang ivi anshaa oʔ. Ahgindi ivi t’o maá da saʔgiwoʔning gi muu.

Paa (Doing) Naingda opá gi muu waʔ. P’òwaháà ivi háà angdi, saʔgiwoʔning gi muu. Iwedang hae t’aeki ey paa.

P’aa (Laughing) P’aawodi, hichandi, anyingidi wiʔneh tayeh ivi khaegeh nangda, heda nambi poeh saʔgiwoʔning gi muu

Khaegeh kang (Sharing) Hichang wiʔneh tayeh ivi khaegeh nangda. Nambi wowatsi t’o winá khaa pi.

for poeh

Open House and Gallery Warming – Poeh Stone Studio

Robert Dale Tsosie and the Poeh Center invite you to their open house and gallery warming
on Friday, May 15th, 11:00AM – 2:00PM
Call 505.455.3334 for more information.


Come by on April 10th and have lunch with us!
We’re adding another gallery to the P’suwaegeh O’wingeh Exhibit.

National Museum of Women in the Arts

As part of the Artful Afternoon Series 2015! Guided tour of the Poeh Cultural Center and Museum with Roxanne Swentzell, followed by a jewelry casting demonstration by Fritz Casuse and lunch in the Jewelry Studio.


Private Event

Poeh Center hosts 2015 ANA Grantee Meeting

Grantees, staff, and guests will have an opportunity to learn

about the people of the Pueblo of Pojoaque and experience

their culture, music, language, and arts.

*Private Event*

2015 Administration for Native Americans Grantee Meeting

Tuesday, February 03, 2015 – Thursday, February 05, 2015
Hosted at the Poeh Museum and Cultural Center, grantees, staff, and guests will have an opportunity to learn about the people of the Pueblo of Pojoaque and experience their culture, music, language, and arts. Plated dinner will be served and is included in your registration fee. This will be a truly unique experience and one you will not want to miss. Be aware of the weather as the museum is outdoors and the weather may be chilly, dinner will be sit down in a large heated tent.

“the Why”

Art Exhibit and reception, musical performances, dance Poeh artists demonstrations, bonfires, traditional food and celebration.

“The Kee”

2D and 3D installation by Ehren Kee Natay.

“Scarcity and Abundance” Exhibit and “Relation, Influence, Distraction”.

The Opening Reception of these two exhibits, one tell the story of P’osuwaegeh and the other an installation expressing a personal “seeking” by Ehren Natay.

POEH:25 Gala

Celebrate 25 years of community building
Support the next 25 years

The Poeh Cultural Center and Museum invites you to a gala dinner and silent auction at the Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino on Saturday, November 30, 2013. Funds support cultural preservation, arts training and public exhibitions.

Silent Auction artworks donated by Poeh Arts students & instructors.
Exclusive Live Auction artworks donated by Roxanne Swentzell, Tony Abeyta, Christine McHorse, George Rivera, Mateo Romero, Cody Sanderson, Rose Simpson, Gaussion Family, Adrian Wall, Ryan Benally and Upton Ethelbah.

Patricia Michaels Fashion Exhibition

Opening Reception